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Homeware Product Care

No Comply homeware products are beautiful and durable, but they require proper care to maintain their appearance and ensure longevity.

Our pieces have been finished with a food safe oil wax combination that is water repellant and dirt resistant. Over time, wood can start to dry out though, so it's beneficial to reapply a wood balm or other food-safe oil periodically. This will prevent the wood from becoming damaged and will keep it looking shiny, nourished and brand spanking new!

it's essential to avoid leaving to soak in water or washing your piece in a dishwasher, as this can weaken the wood and cause splitting or warping. To clean your piece, hand wash with warm water and mild soap, then dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

If the surface of your piece becomes less smooth over time, it's likely that the fibres of the wood have become damaged or raised slightly, mostly due to contact with  liquids. To fix this issue, gently rub the surface with a fine sandpaper, then reapply a wood balm. This will smooth out the surface and restore the natural shine to your product.